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yashmak n : the face veil worn by Muslim women [syn: yashmac]

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Yashmak, yashmac or yasmak (from Turkish yaşmak, literally "to cover, hide" ) is a Turkish type of veil or niqab worn by many Muslim women to cover their faces in public.
Unlike an ordinary veil, yashmak contains a head-veil and a face-veil in one, thus consisting of two pieces of fine muslin, one tied across the face under the nose and the other tied across the forehead draping the head.
Yashmak can also contain a piece of black horsehair attached close to the temples and sloping down like an awning to cover the face, or it can be a veil covered with pieces of lace, having slits for the eyes, tied behind the head by strings and sometimes supported over the nose by a small piece of gold.


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